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Micronet Celebrity Chatline was a mechanism for members to send in questions to a visiting celebrity, and answers were posted up to the system in real time.  This allowed for a limited amount of interaction with follow up questions.   Over the years, many famous names appeared, from Paul Daniels to Max Headroom, and everybody in-between.

This particular session, from 18th May 1989, featured the Micronet staff themselves, and was performed on the eve of their move of offices from Herbal Hill in the Farringdon area of London, where the editorial department had been since the launch of Micronet, out to the BT building in Apsley in the middle of nowhere.  

I have many fond memories of Herbal Hill myself - we shared the building with Motor Cycle News, and remember opening the lift doors on the wrong floor once, and being greeted by a sort of cave, with walls lined with beer cans..

Anyway, over to Ian: (No routing on these - you will have to click the NEXT link below the image)
 MICRONET (c)            800880031a   0p
 DAVID RAINEY                  219992951
 And why do you call your garments      
                           Sent 19:13:29
 Tradition! Former Ed David Babsky once 
 mis-spelled "Shirt", and it's stuck    
 ever since.                            
 Besides, if we called them shirts I    
 reckon we could be sued...             
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