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Some interesting videos from the BT Film Archive -
An Introduction to Prestel - How it will be the answer to everything!
Prestel Innovations - Some of the planned extensions to the standard - Prextend, Picture Prestel, and Gateway.  Only the last of these got implemented in the live service.

Me, logging into Prestel, checking my emails, and browsing the chatlines.
(Data recorded on a BBC Micro, 1988, and reconstituted 2015!)

Prestel advert 2/4 from 1980:

BBC The Computer Programme 1982 #08
Chris Searle demonstrating email via Prestel, 1982

Making the Most of the Micro - Prestel - 1983
Mac demonstrating more services, and booking seats at the Barbican..

And for those of you wanting a closer look at some of the pages featured in these last two videos:
   AMERICAN EXPRESS      2691806a     6p
  7th March                             
      Heathrow Airport - Terminal 3     
 Time  Flight       From                
 ===== ======       ====                
 15:30 BA146        DELHI KUWAIT        
       LANDED     1605                  
 15:35 ME201        BEIRUT              
       BAGGAGE IN HALL                  
 15:45 BA282        LOS ANGELES         
                    SAN FRANCISCO       
       BAGGAGE IN HALL                  
 15:55 GF021        ABU DHABI PARIS     
       LANDED     1555                  
 16:05 MS779        CAIRO               
       LANDED     1605                  
Key # for more, 0 for Heathrow Index,   
    8 for Airlines serving each terminal
    9 for SkyGuide Index                
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Thanks to Ant for finding the videos and recreating the pages for you.

NBC "Telefuture" from 1980 - An American program about the future of information on your TV set, but with a small section about the British Teletext and viewdata services.  See if you can spot the Noughts-and-crosses; the Prestel main indexes are easier noticed.