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The menu and index systems on Prestel could lead you to the information you wanted, but the time taken to get there could be considerable, and costly during the daytime.  Prestel recognised this from the start, and published paper directories of the information available regularly throughout their lifetime, although the exact format varied considerably as time passed.  These documents are of necessity a considerable size, but are an excellent way of seeing the breadth of information covered.   I'll scan as much and as many as I can as time allows.

Startup Directories

These were sent to new subscribers to allow them to find key points of information quickly.

1st September 1987
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Phil Ireland
01 Jul 2014, 17:53
I worked on Viewdata and TV User - which was one of three magazines that published the Prestel directory. I wrote reviews of new items on Prestel and also reviews of some of the new equipment that was being prepared for market.
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