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Currently the following categories of pages are available.

General Pages A selection of general Prestel pages.

Prestel Mailbox Pages from the Mailbox service.

A Christmas Carol A seasonal tale, told in viewdata graphics.

Prestel System Pages A few pages intended only for Prestel staff!

Initial Images (Opens new window) for the original gallery created for the website.  The images here are lower quality, sorry.  I will replace them soon, promise!

Interactive access

Micronet 1989 Taken from PC PLUS magazine, an interactive demonstration of Micronet and Prestel.

Micronet Virgin Users' Microsite for new service members.  Dates from around 1991, right at the end of the service.  If you hit a missing page, just hit BACK in your browser and try again.



stephen mccall
08 Nov 2012, 03:57
during 1985 i and a astromner friend
set up and edited a micronet 800 page
it was devoted to giving information
on halley's comet
my friend would give me the updated
data on where it could be viewed
i then typed into a prestel page
using a editing code supplied by
micronet 800 . we would also answer
questions from users about the comet
i did this on a tandata td110
which was used for a early form og online
banking by the bank of scotland
i was online so much that in one three month period i used 4240 unists
bt were so surprise they asked me to confirm i had used that much
they thought the billing system was broken the cost was 247
the tandata was destroyed in 86
but a lightning surge which erased the
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