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In June 1986 the London Borough of Bexley installed at its Central Reference Library a Private Videotex System (PVS) which was then launched as a public service in August 1986. This superseded the Library's small Prestel database, which had been in existence since 1979; but was then curtailed to a few pages retained for online user registration.

The October 1983 Prestel Directory lists Bexley's online site so:
Bextel - Bexley London Borough... 42014

Local information for Bexley London
Borough. Leisure; Shopping; Newsfile;
Facts & Figures; Borough Services;
Health Authority Services; Public
Utilities; Brief information on screen.
Full enquiry service on mailbox no.

Unfortunately LB Bexley have nothing left, not even any documentation.

I think that the article referred to is the same as linked above, which came courtesy of Google!