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Ringworld was a multi-line BBS that ran in Manchester for a year around 1988, using the same software as The Gnome.

This was my own BBS, and was used as a testing ground for support software and site designs for Prestel and other viewdata services I was working on.

All data and software is intact and available - It was resurrected briefly in 2009 in preparation for use at the Acorn World show.

You can now vist Ringworld itself!  This is a link to the actual BBS, running on BBC Micros, but accessible via the Internet.  Only two lines are available at present, so you may get a connect error if both are already in use.  Close the window when you finish to disconnect!

If you have a telnet-capable viewdata client, connect to rw1.m63.co.uk port 23.

If you have an actual viewdata terminal, or a suitable software package and a V23 modem, dial 0161-660-8192 or 020-7099-2934.