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Dwarfen Realm

Operated by the legendary Thanatos, and running on an Acorn network using the Autonomic software originally developed for The Gnome At Home, this was a viewdata BBS that lasted until late 1990.

"The Dwarfen Realm started out as *Axe.0# on TG@H before taking on its own existence, first in Witham, then in Ilford.  It ran in Brentford only briefly before we started running a unix-based system."

Thanks to a carefully saved backup, you too can step back twenty years and see what was happening in The Dwarfen Realm



24 Mar 2010, 14:25
Great job Rob! :)
28 Jan 2013, 06:57
Wot, no Magrathea?

(Just been messing around with an old backup)
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