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In this section you can find links to several interactive viewdata databases.  Depending on your browser, these should operate in exactly the same way that the traditional viewdata service operated - just press the keys relating to the numbered route you require.

At present, the emulation does not support the use of the * key for commands, keyword or direct page access.  This will hopefully be added in the future.

To go back a page, traditionally *#, just use the BACK button in your browser.  This function is often available on the backspace or arrow keys too.

Please be aware, also, that any telephone numbers or other contact details you come across will be many years out of date.  Please do not try to use them!

Demonstration Databases

Micronet 800 demonstration, 1989

Silicon Village demonstration, 1993

Actual site content

Micronet Virgin Users' Microsite for new service members.  Dates from around 1991, right at the end of the service.  If you hit a missing page, just hit BACK in your browser and try again.

The Midnight Micronetters Club is where the most dedicated users hung out.  This copy has issues with missing pages and broken links, but it's a start!

And from The Silicon Village, Visit Forcefield Direct, for news and reviews of all the latest consoles.  Well, the latest in 1993 anyway...

Full Service content

The Dwarfen Realm from around closure in 1990 - we have the entire service available for you to browse!  Crumbs, strike me down with a wet fish. Well, it'll hurt less than the more appropriate battleaxe..

Healthdata - the offline database.  Have some 20+ year old medical advice!