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Offline Database

Healthdata was also available as a disc based offline database, also in the viewdata format.  It seems as if it was mostly a copy of the online content, so we present it here for your delight and access..

Do note that this information is at least 20 years old.  Please do not rely on anything in here as current medical advice; for that please visit the NHS website.

      The authors of Healthdata welcome 
 any comments on the contents of this   
      Please send your message to our   
 "on-line" database. You can access this
 on 081-986 4360(24hrs) using a viewdata
 terminal or modem suitable for Prestel.
      Any schools or colleges producing 
 frames on health related topics are    
 welcome to send them to Healthdata for 
 possible inclusion in our "on-line"    
      The source of any material used in
 this way would be fully acknowledged.  

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