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Offline Database

Healthdata was also available as a disc based offline database, also in the viewdata format.  It seems as if it was mostly a copy of the online content, so we present it here for your delight and access..

Do note that this information is at least 20 years old.  Please do not rely on anything in here as current medical advice; for that please visit the NHS website.

    Using the National Health Service   
 Family Doctors (GP's)             1    
  Choosing a doctor                11   
  Registering with a doctor        12   
  Changing your doctor             13   
 Dentists                          2    
  Free Dental Treatment            14   
  Dental emergencies               15   
 Chemists                          3    
  Free Prescriptions               31   
 Opticians & Optometrists          4    
  Free Sight Tests and Glasses     41   
 Family Health Service Authorities 5    
 Community Health Councils         6    
 Help with NHS costs               7    
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